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  • Filter Capacity: 3,600 litres (up to 12 months, based on approx 10 litres/day)
  • Control Panel: Touch Panel
  • Water Supply: Direct Connect to faucet or piping

Find reliability in the novita HydroPlus® Premium Water Ionizer NP10000 that gives alkaline antioxidant water of the highest quality possible from a powerful ionization performance, enhanced stability and prolonged durability system. Brimming with alkaline antioxidant properties, hydrate your body better and feel energized and revitalized every day. Giving you 7 types of functional water, indulge for a whole new drinking experience today.


Delivering a powerful ionization performance with an enhanced stability and a prolonged durability system, this water ionizer remains sophisticated with its refined user interface and operating system.

01. Improved User Experience
Select a pH level setting, turn on the control knob and get instant dispensing of your desired alkaline or acidic water in no time.

02. More Powerful
The smart intelligence processor within enables a more powerful ionization performance efficiency and higher consistency of water quality standard.

03. Enhanced Stability System
The titanium electrode plates are coated with platinum and undergoes a baking process for better integration of the 2 metals for enhance stability and durability of the electrolytic chamber cell. 



Water is enhanced with alkaline properties through fortifying the water with natural beneficial alkaline minerals, it promotes body pH balance by neutralizing excess acidic wastes build-up



Unlike regular water, HydroPlus® Water contains an abundance of Hydrogen (H2) which is a strong antioxidant with high reduction potential to neutralise and counteract harmful oxidative effects of highly reactive and unstable free radicals (O2-). This in turn helps slow down the oxidation process




HydroPlus® water has a smaller water molecule cluster size of 5-6 water molecules that will allow better penetration into body cells for delivering the essential minerals and nutrients. The body will resultantly become more hydrated from the enhanced solubility and permeability, which also aids in flushing out the acidic waste more easily.



Activates by Far Infrared Rays through vibration resonance into oxygenizing water, it helps to energize and revitalize the body, blood circulation improves and body metabolism increases.

How do I know if blood circulation is improved?

Test 01 // Capillary Nail Refill Test
Nails provide a quick indication of your overall health status.
The capillary nail refill test is a quick indication of your blood flow to tissues and you can also monitor your dehydration level.

Here’s how you can do it,
Step 01: Press down a fingernail, maintain this pressure until the nail turns white.
Step 02: Release the pressure on the nail and observe the time required for it to turn to a healthy pink again.
If blood circulation is good, the nail would turn pink within 2 seconds or less.
But when blood circulation is compromised, the nail capillary refill time will be longer.

Test 02 // Micro-Circulation Microscope Test
Simply insert a finger into the holder below the optical lens apparatus, adjust to fix the
focal length to visualise the blood capillary shape, blood flow pattern and capillary morphology.   


Dimensions (W x D x H): 257 mm x 159 mm x 375 mm
Net Weight: 6.0 kg
Power Consumption: 150 Watts
Water Supply: Direct Connect to faucet or piping
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure: 0.7 – 5.0 kgf / cm²
Applicable Water Temperature: 5 – 30 °C
Ionized Water Output Rate:
^Alkaline + Acidic Water Output
Recommended 2.0 llitres/ min
Electrodes Method: Continuous Electrolysis
Electrodes Plate: 7 Baked Platinised Titanium Electrode Plates
ORP Reduction: • Alkaline Level 1: pH 8.5 / ORP -150mV
• Alkaline Level 2: pH 9.0 / ORP -300mV
• Alkaline Level 3: pH 9.5 / ORP -350mV
• Alkaline Level 4: pH 10.0 / ORP -400mV

• Purified: pH & ORP inherent from water source

• Acidic Level 1: pH 5.0
• Acidic Level 2: pH 3.5
Cleaning Device: • Patented auto cleaning water cell (no waiting interval)
• Patent number 10 - 0844394 & 10 - 1007734
Filter Type: Hi-Performance Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter NP 9009UF
Filter Capacity: 3,600 litres (up to 12 months, based on approx 10 litres/day)
Filter Lifespan Indicator: Icon Indication
Control Panel: Touch Panel
Safety Feature: • Auto Ionization Shut Off with Hot Water Source
• Excessive Current Control

NOTE: pH & ORP reduction may vary by ± 0.6 and ±100mV respectively, subjected to nature of water source, chlorine concentration and filter usage. Indicated pH readings are obtained based on pH 7.5 source water. All pH/ORP readings are attained based on quantitative sampling basis. 

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