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Product Summary

Certified as a medical device by the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA), NOVITA HydroPlus Premium Water Ionizer NP 9960 is a sophisticated model for high quality and performance. Utilising a 7-step comprehensive water purification process and 5 platinised-titanium electrode plates, NP 9960 provides 7 types of functional water for everyday consumption and usage. Auto diagnosis system cleverly notifies of any disorder or abnormality while filter lifespan and authenticity indicator keep a lookout on the filter. Offering utmost customer convenience, the unit also comes with patented maintenance-free auto cleaning water cell and voice & melody notice. Add elegance to your kitchen with this sleek and modern unit while you enjoy HydroPlus Alkaline Antioxidant Water today!

  • Certified medical device. KFDA approved.
  • 7 preset pH levels. 7 types of functional water.
  • Patented auto cleaning water cell. Cleaning & maintenance free.

Model Number: NP9960

Key Features

Certified medical device. KFDA approved.

Classified as medical devices in Korea, NP 9960 is definitely a sophisticated product you can trust! Sophisticated model for high quality and performance, NP 9960 is registered as a health and medical device in Korea and also endorsed as a health enhancement device by the Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA).

7 preset pH levels. 7 types of functional water.

With 4 alkaline levels, 1 purified level and 2 acidic levels, NP 9960 produces water with more precise pH and ORP for your everyday consumption and usage. Drinking alkaline water helps to alkalize body, slow down oxidation, hydrate better, energise and revitalise and detoxify. You can also use it for food preparation and cooking. Purified water is good for infant and those on medication while acidic water can be use for washing, cleaning and sterilizing purposes.

Patented auto cleaning water cell. Cleaning & maintenance free.

Self-cleaning technology of NP 9960 also ensures that alkaline and acid water is available for use even while it is cleaning. With every usage, the polarity of the electrode plates is automatically reversed and accordingly alkaline or acidic water is continuously available from a given output port without any interruption. This unique technology enables electrode plates to be efficiently kept free from a portable ionic scale formation thus eliminating the need for maintenance.

Basic Specification


Dimensions (W x D x H) 140 x 270 x 350 mm
Net Weight 5.1 kg
pH Range (Alkaline)

► Alkaline Level 1 – 4:

- pH 8.5 – pH 10.0

- ORP -150mV – -300mV

► Purified:

- pH and ORP inherent from water source

► Acidic Level 1 – 2:

- pH 3.5 – pH 5.0

- ORP +300mV – +450mV

Power Comsumption 90 Watts
Water Supply Direct Connect to faucet or piping
Ionized Water Output Rate Maximum 2.5 litres/min
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure 0.7 – 5.0 kgf / cm²
Applicable Water Temperature 5 – 30 °C
Electrodes Platinum Titanium
Applicable Water Temperature 5 – 30 °C
Cleaning Device

► Patented auto cleaning water cell (no waiting interval)

► Patent number 10-0844394

Filter Capacity 3,600 litres (up to 12 months, based on 10 litres/day)
Filter Lifespan Indicator Icon Indication
Control Panel Touch Screen
Safety Feature

► Auto Ionization Shut Off with Hot Water Source

► Excessive Current Control

Key Filters Used for Water Purification ► Sediment Siever

- Filter the suspended substances, rust and sediments etc

► Pre-Carbon Element

- Provides first round of activated carbon filtering of impurities to improve color and taste of water

- Doubles up as anti-bacterial element to inhibit growth of bacteria within the filter

► Post-Carbon Element

- Removes any remaining agrichemicals, disinfectants and other harmful chemicals in source water

- Enhances anti-bacterial effects with extra bacteria resistance

► Calcium Layer

- Add calcium to increase the alkaline mineral content in water, thus facilitating the electrolysis process

► Ultra Hollow Membrane (Optional)

- Traps and eliminates bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms (protozoa, giardia, cysts), rust, metal particles and lead.

- Effectively remove pollutants and impurities up to particle size of 0.01 microns while keeping the essential alkalizing minerals intact

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