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Novita NOVITA 38 m² Air Purifier NAP606


Product Summary

Model: NAP606

 Novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP606 is the practical solution to eliminating airborne pollutants and unpleasant odours. This air purifier uses True HEPA Filter that efficiently removes up to 99.97% airborne germs and allergens. It also comes with a semi-permanent built-in ionizer, producing up to 20 million negative ions that can effective eliminate airborne germs and allergens while providing an overall calming effect. Adopting PuriPRO™ Filtration System, the air purifier is also fitted with a DC Brushless motor system that consumes less power with an air flow rate up to 380 m³/hr and a coverage area up to 38 m², it is the perfect unit to introduce an urbane touch to your surroundings while ensuring clean and fresh air always! Know your surrounding air quality as the built-in dual air quality sensor detects and instantly shares its results through the light indicators. Both smart and providing added convenience, this air purifier reminds users for timely filter replacement. Choose between Auto Modes, Manual Fan Speeds or Programmable Timer for your desired customized user experience.

DC Brushless motor system. Performance enhancing component and more! 

Unlike conventional AC motor, this unit is equipped with a DC brushless motor system that is frictionless, produces minimal noise, of a higher efficiency and has a longer motor lifespan. At high fan speed, power consumption is just 19 Watts and you can enjoy greater savings!



Dual Air Quality Sensor. Real Time Air Quality Check At Your Fingertips!

Airborne contaminants are usually not within visible range and as a result, we may unknowingly breathe in poor quality air.

With NAP606’s dual air quality sensor, unit is equipped with an air quality particulate sensor, and also an air quality chemical sensor for complete air quality detection! The unit can also provide a quick indication of your current air quality through 3 different coloured lights.



PuriPRO™ Filtration System. Securing Quality Air Like Never Before.


With a total of 4 filter layers - washable mesh filter, cool catalyst filter, granular activated carbon filter, 99.97% True HEPA filter and a semi-permanent built-in ionizer that produces millions of negative ions, the PuriPRO™ Filtration System provides clean air assurance, allowing you and your loved ones to breathe clean always!

Impressively capable with its high purification efficiency. Removing more than 99.99% reduction of PM 2.5 & PM 10 respiratory suspended particulates in just 1 minute. Within 5 minutes, the unit effectively rids more than 99.99% of surrounding airborne bacteria, yeast and mold! Incorporate your living space with the NAP606 for purified air freshness at all times! 

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