Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier Dispenser NP6610


Product Summary

An enhanced model from NP 602M, NP 6610 adopts a comprehensive 6-step filtration for water that goes beyond hydrating. With addition of HydroPlus®, a unique element available only at NOVITA, you will savor water with anti-oxidant alkaline properties and be delighted with energy water of smaller water molecule cluster size. Combining purification qualities and the 4 beneficial properties of HydroPlus®, NOVITA HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water Purifier NP 6610 is definitely something you do not want to miss. So embrace NP 6610 and work towards the balance of body, mind and spirit in your life.

  • Standalone unit. Restriction free.
  • Operational ease. No fuss handling.
  • HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water. More than just purified water.


Model Number: NP6610

Key Features

Standalone unit. Restriction free.

With no connection to piping or power supply, you are free to bring NP 6610 everywhere you go! Usage is not confined to just the kitchen or near the power supply and water source. Use NP 6610 in the living room, office and even outdoor for fresh, quality water anywhere and everywhere!

Operational ease. No fuss handling.

Just add tap water for the purification process to begin. It’s that easy! There is no need for boiling or connection to electrical supply for NP 6610 to work. Simply add tap and allow the water to flow through the filter for instant purified water!

HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water. More than just purified water.

Providing 4 additional benefits to your purified water, you definitely get more out of every sip! With the addition of HydroPlus® elements in NP6610, you enjoy HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water that alkalize body, slow down oxidation, hydrate better, energise and revitalise and detoxify. Drink up and feel the difference!

Basic Specification

Dimensions (W x D x H) 253 x 278 x 485 mm
Net Weight 4 kg
pH Range (Alkaline) pH 7.5 – pH 9.0
ORP Range (Alkaline) Up to -200 mV
Water Tank Capacity

► Reservoir Tank: 6.0 litres

► Storage Tank: 10.0 litres

► Total Tank: 16.0 litres

Filtration Flow Rate 1.5 – 2.0 litres / hr
6 Step Water Purification ► Step 1: Ceramic Filter

- Comprehensive ‘Sieving’ Filtration

- Rust, fluid, dregs, sediments and foreign particles are removed as water passes through pores of 0.1-1 um

► Step 2: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER) Filter (Within HydroPlus® SAC Filter)

- Water Softener

- Remove harmful metal ions

► Step 3: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC) (Within HydroPlus® SAC Filter)

- Intensive ‘Adsorptive’ Filtration

- Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation

- Remove residual chlorine

- Remove VOC

- Deodorization

- Improve taste

► Step 4: HydroPlus® Elements (Within HydroPlus® SAC Filter)

- Eradiate 88% Far Infrared Ray (FIR) to form energy water that promotes metabolism and blood circulation

- Reduce oxidation to eliminate free radicals and promote antioxidant effects

- Smaller water molecule cluster size of up to 60.4Hz facilitate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen and assist in removal of toxins. Body is also better hydrated

- Increase pH to mild alkaline level to neutralize acidic waste

► Step 5: Cormc Filter

- Anti-Bacterial Silver Mineral Stones Filtration

- Eliminate up to 99% of E.Coli and other bacteria

- Enriched with healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium

- Maintain purity of water

► Step 6: HydroMagnetization Device

- Specially charged Neodymium magnet of 3800 gauss

- Oxygenize and restructure water molecule for multiple health benefits

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