Novita Enchanted Serenity Aroma Diffuser NA600


Product Summary

Experience serenity and tranquillity with the enchanting novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffuser NA 600. This delightfully stylish unit comes with illuminating LED lights, which can double up as a portable night lamp. It is easy to use, and allows you to enjoy calming aromatherapy sessions in the comfort of your own homes. Together with other alluring features such as Mist Timer and Ultrasonic Technology, NA 600 is an endearing product you simply cannot resist!

  • Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, effective diffusion.
  • Auto off safety. Intelligent power cut off.
  • LED Mood light. A sense of calm sophistication.

Model Number: NA600

Key Features

Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, effective diffusion.

Still using the traditional candle heated burners? It’s time for an upgrade with NA 600! Overcome the limitations of traditional candle heated burners and the danger of a naked flame with NA 600. The nebulizer in the water tank breaks down essential oil into microscopic droplets for better absorption and greater therapeutic values so you inhale only the pure goodness of the aroma-therapeutic scents.

Auto off safety. Intelligent power cut off.

A scatterbrain sometimes? Well, you don’t have to worry with the auto off safety feature! With a built-in sensor, NA 600 intelligently shuts off when the water level falls below the safety level to prevent risk and damage to the unit and user.

LED Mood light. A sense of calm sophistication.

Lighten up the environment and liven up your mood with NA 600 alluring LED mood lights! The uniquely designed NA 600 offers you a sense of calm sophistication, as its LED mood lights gracefully transit from a striking bright glow to soft illumination. Furthermore, the perfect ambience can be created by pausing at your preferred specific LED light intensity. There is also the option to turn it off for an undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Basic Specification

Dimensions (W x D x H) 150 mm x 150 mm x 236 mm
Empty Weight 494 g
Diffusion Technology Ultrasonic Technology
Power Consumption 12 Watts
Recommended Coverage Up to 150 sq. ft. or 14 m²
Water Tank Capacity 200 ml
Continuous Diffusion Up to 300 mins
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