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Product Summary

  • Stain Removal and Allergy Care: With StainMaster+ and hot wash
  • Lift Stains Easily: With ActiveFoam System
  • Convenient for Daily Laundry: Auto Tub Care and wide 360 mm door


      ActiveFoam System

      Easy Daily Washing for You

      The ActiveFoam System creates fine, high-density foam before the wash cycle starts to maximize washing performance for cleaner results. Since detergent is turned into foam before washing, less undissolved detergent becomes attached to clothes.Let’s make every day’s wash easy and extra clean.

      * The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type, and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.

      Fast, Clean Wash in Just 38 min.

      Fast washing in just 38 minutes with fine, high-density foam. Active Speed Wash washes clothes in less time, leaving you more quality time to spend with your baby.

      * Half load, Active Speed course


      Allergy Care for Your Baby

      Dust mites multiply easily in bedding, towels, etc. and trigger allergies with unpleasant symptoms especially for babies with sensitive skin. Allergy course 60/90°C*3 eliminates not only dust mites but also bacteria and allergens for your peace of mind.

      *1 This product has been endorsed by Allergy UK with third-party testing results. *2 Escherichia coli ATCC29922 & Staphylococcus aureus ATCC25923 up to 99.9% [Testing Laboratories] Institute of Biotechnology (Hanoi) [Report Issue Date] 23/Oct/2019 Operating condition: Allergy 60°C *3 You can set water temperature with the Temp button.

      Stylish, Minimalist Design

      The stylish body has a minimalist design with simple straight and circular lines. Its rounded form features gentle arcs and a simple round door ring.

      1. Big, Easy-to-see Center Display

      2. Luxury Chrome Plated Door

      3. Round Form with Aesthetic Arc

      Auto Tub Care Cleans the Tub with Every Wash

      Water vigorously pours into the tub as it rotates at a higher speed than during normal rinsing to wash the tub. This prevents the accumulation of detergent residue, which suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria that cause foul odor.

      Advanced Washing with INVERTER

      The INVERTER changes tub rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.



      Loading Capacity (Wash) 9 kg
      Basic Specification Spin Speed (max.) 1,400 rpm
      Dimensions (W x D x H) 596 x 600 x 845 mm
      Weight 75 kg
      Voltage / Frequency 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
      Drum Opening Size 360 mm
      Control Panel Type LED Display
      Body Color White
      Wash Features ActiveFoam System Yes
      Active Speed Wash Yes
      3D Sensor Wash Yes
      Blue Ag+ -
      StainMaster+t Yes
      ECONAVI Laundry load sensor
      Water temperature sensor
      Laundry material sensor
      Inverter Yes
      Convenient Features Detergent Case/ Turbo Mixer Yes
      Child Lock Yes
      Auto Power Off Yes
      Auto Restart Yes
      Alpha Drum Yes
      Guidance Function Cycle end buzzer
      Delay Start (Time Delay) Yes (24 hours)
      Drain Pump Yes
      Programs  Number of Programs 14
      Cotton Yes
      Daily Wash Yes
      Synthetic Yes
      Delicates Yes
      Bedding Yes
      Cotton+ Yes
      Tub Clean Yes
      Active Speed 38 Yes
      Rapid 15 Yes
      Soak Yes
      Intensive Yes
      StainMaster+ Allergy, Mud, Oily Sauce, Colour & Sleeve



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