Novita NAP-101i Air Purifier


Product Summary

Model: NAP101I

Befitting in any living space, NAP 101-i helps to purify its environment so allergies and respiratory ailments are kept at bay.

4-Step purification. Comprehensive cleaning and freshening.
With 3 filters and a built-in Ionizer, NAP101i helps you breathe in with the purity of good air quality!
The washable pre-filter, HEPA type filter, Granular activated carbon filter and built-in Ionizer work to remove airborne contaminants, allergies and unpleasant odours for clean and fresh air at all times.
Built-in Ionizer. Integrated negative ions purification.
Negative ions seek out and remove particles and bacteria to purify and freshen air.
Negatively-charged negative ions attach themselves to contaminants and allergens, which are positively-charged. The newly-formed larger particles then fall to the ground, where they cannot find their way into our respiratory tract.
3 Speed setting. 1 Easy switch control.
Turn the switch control for low, medium or high speed.
Turn the rotary switch control to select your preferred speed setting. Blue LED illuminates on the selected setting.


Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


405 mm x 138 mm x 430 mm

Net Weight


4.05 kg

Power Consumption


52 Watts (0.7 Watts at standby)



Up to 270 sq. ft or 25 m²

Speed Setting


High, Medium, Low

Noise Level


► High: 48 dB
► Medium: 39 dB
► Low: 28 dB

Air Flow Rate


► High: 195 m³/hr
► Medium: 130 m³/hr
► Low: 85 m³/hr

Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR)



Filter Unit Capacity*
*Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under .


Suggested Replacement 12 Months
*(Approx. 3,000 Hours)

Negative Ion Density+
+ Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission. 


≥ 9 million/ cm³

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