3M LED8000 LED Task Light


Product Summary

  • Anti-Flicker
  • Protection from Eye Strains
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lower Heat Emission
  • Ultra Energy Saving
  • Zero UV
  • Long Bulb Lifespan


Product details of 3M™ LED8000 LED Task Light - White

Reduce the glare, protect your eyes!

All models of our 3M™ Polarizing Light implements our very own 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter that you cannot find in other brands, the benefits are as follow: 

  • Ultra glare reduction which protects the eyes
  • Provide even spread of light on reading material/work surfaces to make reading more comfortable
  • Zero UV Ray, protection from harmful rays on skin and eyes

All our LED lights are ULTRA Energy saving as it consumes less power (around 11.2W to 13.2W) but still provides efficient lighting.

Normal Room Light is NOT Bright Enough!

Brightness levels are measured in illuminance (Lux) not Watts. The more intense or detailed the work, the higher the lux required.

LED8000 allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp in 5 levels (250 to 1,050 Lux) via a touch sensor panel. You can select your preferred brightness levels for various tasks such as reading or working on laptops.

Protect Your Eyes From Glare

Traditional lighting causes glare that results in eye fatigue, headache and frequent tearing.

Currently, all types of light tubes or ballasts do not solve this problem. In fact, the glare of some table lamps may worsen because of the inappropriate material used for the shading screen.


3M™ patented Polarizing Light Filter Technology is capable of solving this problem. The polarizing filter featured in the table lamps allows only comfortable light to pass through and converts all bad light into comfortable light, thereby reducing the amount of glare reflected on reading surface.


3M™ Polarizing Light reduces glare and provides effective illumination. In addition, with high frequency ballasts and safety features, you can be assured of optimal lighting for your reading purposes.

3M™ Polarizing Light Filter
3M™ proprietary filter technology effectively reduces glare

Flexible Angle Adjustment
Easy adjustment of angles up and down
High Illuminance (1,050 Lux)
250 to 1,050 Lux optimal illuminance range
5 Levels of Brightness
Adjustable levels via a simple touch sensor pane
Mood Light
Soft mood light is available through a touch sensor (50 Lux)
No assembly required

Flexible & Stylish Design
  • Futuristic design catered to the contemporary homes in Singapore today
  • Equip your work or child’s study environment with style
  • Adjust the arm of the lamp flexibly and tilt and close the light completely to save space

Glare Reduction
  • 3M's proprietary polarizing optical film helps to reduce tiredness, making reading more pleasurable and comfortable
  • Harmful rays such as the horizontal vibrating ones, are converted into vertical light that are optimal for your eyes

 High Illuminance with Dual Lighting
  • Adjust the brightness of the lamp in 5 levels (250 to 1,050 Lux) via a touch sensor panel
  • Select your preferred brightness levels for various tasks such as reading or working on laptops
  • Energy efficient LED light that lasts up to 40,000* hours allowing you more cost savings
  • Additional mood lamp option available


Protection from Eye Strains
  • Common lighting causes glare which results in eye fatigue, headaches and frequent tearing
  • 3M's proprietary polarizing optical film effectively reduces the harmful rays and protects our eyes when reading or working
  • Enables you to lead a much more comfortable and healthier lifestyle

Product passed EMI Test Certification
  • Passed the EMI Test at National Radio Research Agency in Korea
  • Minimizes the effect of electromagnetic waves on human body and other electronic products and blocks the electromagnetic waves output

* Based on 3M™
 internal testing: Average 5 hours of LED light utilization daily.


Buying from the official e-store gives you the assurance that our product has been tested and given the 'Safety Mark' on all our adaptors.

Reduce the Risk of Myopia in your Children

A new study shows that insufficient lighting may increase risk of myopia. Given that Singapore is commonly known to have one of the countries with the highest occurrence of myopia in children, good eye care is of utmost importance.

Source: HealthAim News

Source: healthxchange.com.sg

3M™ Polarizing Light helps to reduce glare, provide suitable levels of brightness and protect our eyes.

Let’s protect our children’s eye sight from a young age!

Specifications of 3M™ LED8000 LED Task Light - White

What's in the box:
  • 1 x 3M™ LED8000 LED Task Light
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