Hurom HU700 Premium Slow Juicer


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Product Summary

The HF Series is defined by its timeless High Quality Stainless Steel chassis which has already received the prestigious international Red-Dot Design Award. Its beautiful design is not its only key feature; the acoustic reduction makes the already quiet Hurom now near silent and with a new larger juice bowl, experts are describing the HF Series as 'The Best Juicer in the World'.


Model Number: HU700


Key Features

Globally innovative technology by HUROM, Slow Squeezing Technology(SST™)

Exclusive, innovative, and patented technology of HUROM, "SST", slowly squeezes ingredients, which makes it possible to preserve the natural and nutrition of them.

More squeezed amount with control level

2nd generation HUROM controls the discharging pressure of residues when extracting juice with the through Newly installed control lever. Hereupon, the best quality of juice extraction is feasible for users to select juice with/without pulp depending on tastes.

Conveniently mixing various ingredients

Using juice cap in the outlet of undiluted solution makes it feasible to mix various ingredients. It is available for users to conveniently make one of a kind that is thicker and healthier by adding preferred ingredients. Able to conveniently make various mixed juice, soy juice, soybean milk, baby food, and juice as a meal.

Convenient and hygienic use

Available to customize the amount of juice by adjusting the juice cap and neatly use without making undiluted solution flow down. Prevent foreign substances from coming into the container and preserve a function of undiluted solution

Simple Assembly

Available to assemble in any directions from 45 degree when assembling chamber and hence to conveniently use without restrictions.

Easy Cleaning

Using easy cleaning function while replacing ingredients makes it feasible to conveniently clean the inside of chamber which in ables to use various types of ingredients on a continuous basis. Not required to separate and clean the device when making other juices as it cleans inside by closing juice cap. Internally installed spinning brush automatically rotates cleaning the inside of chamber. Non-blockage and consecutive squeezing of much amount of juice is possible with the inner spinning brush that rotates automatically to clean the inner chamber.

Design with low noise and vibration

43rpm. Semi-permanent use with low-rotating condenser motor with low noise and vibration.

Design with top priority on safety

Convenient to wash separately and install as the chamber set is easily separated from the main body. Duplicate safety sensor is Installed safety unit operates only if chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the main body that everyone in family is able to safety use the device. Use caution with Kids. Able to use the device for a long time with efficient heat-emitting system and use slow motor that causes less amount of heat. Enhanced convenience of users with a safe handle for carrying.

General Specification

Squeezing Type 2nd generation SST TM
Chamber Type 2nd generation chamber
Chamber Capacities 16.9 oz (500 ml)
Cap Type Juice Cap Type
Cord Length 4.5 ft
Dimensions 9.8 x 6.7 x 15.6 in.
Motor Single Phase Induction (A/C)
Motor Single Phase Induction (A/C)
Power 150 W
RPM 43 rpm
Voltage 120V
Voltage 120V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Weight 13.6LB
Standard Usage Time Less than 30 min continously
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