LG VR65710LVMP Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Summary

  • Strong & Powerful Cleaning and Longer Durability
  • Upgraded Dual Eye 2.0™
  • Award and Proven
  • Digital Bumper
  • Easy-out Dust Bin
  • My Space
  • Self Learning
  • Smart Exit
  • Mapping Resume
  • Front Placed Nozzle & Bigger Slide-in Mop

Strong & Powerful Cleaning and Longer Durability

HOM-BOT SQUARE is strong & powerful robotic vacuum cleaner employing Smart Inverter Motor™ to guarantee maximum performance with high efficiency and durability in a compact size. It’s no wonder that LG felt confident enough to offer a 10-year warranty on the motor. 



Because of the square design, the side brushes are placed closer towards the front.

  • Longer Side Brushes

    Longer Side Brushes

    HOM-BOT SQUARE thoroughly cleans corners due to 1.5cm longer side brushes

  • Smarter Corner Cleaning

    Smarter Corner Cleaning

    HOM-BOT SQUARE's corner cleaning performance has improved by 89% and its cleaning efficiency has been enhanced to 94%

Upgraded Dual Eye 2.0™

Upgraded Dual Eye 2.0™

HOM-BOT SQUARE's Dual Eye 2.0™ has been upgraded and now automatically calculates the intensity of light and scans the ceiling. Whether it is bright or dark, Dual Eye 2.0™ can take clear pictures of the room and minimize wandering.

Award and Proven

Award and Proven

New soft-square shaped robot cleaner deviates from the existing round shape
and improves the cleaning performance for corners.

Digital Bumper

Digital Bumper

Multiple sensors recognize obstacles and minimize collision. LG HOM-BOT SQUARE knows how far the obstacles are while others are "bump to know'.

- Ultrasonic sensor of HOM-BOT SQUARE senses wider and more precisely. It can even sense glass and transparent objects.

Easy-out Dust Bin

Easy-out Dust Bin

HOM-BOT SQUARE's Dust bin is designed to take out from the top. Easier to use than the sliding type of conventional robotic vacuums. This minimizes hassles of residual dust around the dust bin slot and prevents flying dust when emptying. HOM-BOT SQUARE has a bigger capacity (0.6L) for more dust intake that makes less effort to dump the d"

My Space

 My Space

LG’s unique program which allows to clean efficiently the inner space you have selected twice repeatedly with Zigzag mode. Efficient for any space with many obstacles

  • Spiral


    Moves in wide spiral shape for spot cleaning, Circles out in 1.5 meter

  • Zigzag Mode

    Zigzag Mode

    Moving back and forth until il meets an obstacle in the way. Efficient for large area with few obs"

  • Cell by Cell

    Cell by Cell

    A more sophisticated navigation by finishing a cell in Zigzag mode and then moving onto the next ce"

Self Learning

Self Learning

With its Learning Function, HOM-BOT SQUARE memorizes the location of the obstacles and cliffs of your room minimizing bumping.

Smart Exit

Smart Exit

01. Exit from Carpet Seam & Wire
This keeps HOM-BOT from getting stuck on closed space, carpet seam and wire, helping it to clean on its own.

02. Exit from Circular Obstacle 
With controlled self operation vacuum cleaning system, obstacle detectors, HOM-BOT Control Program moves beyond an obstacle without stopping.

Mapping Resume

Mapping Resume

Using Mapping Resume Function HOM-BOT SQUARE find the location by itself even after you pick it up and move it ot somewhere else. Remembers where it has cleaned. So it continues the cleaning without avoiding unnecessary repetition.

Front Placed Nozzle & Bigger Slide-in Mop

Front Placed Nozzle & Bigger Slide-in Mop

Nozzle of HOM-BOT SQAURE is located closer to the front than other Robotic cleaners' one so that HOM-BOT can give better dust Pick Up not having any scattering dust.

2.5 times larger, HOM-BOT SQUARE bigger mop makes your home spotless and Slide-in Mop makes it more easy and convenient to replace mop.

  • Multi Language

    Multi Language

    HOM-BOT SQUARE can speak in max 7 languages. According to your region, HOM-BOT SQUARE supports multi optional languages

  • 120 Words Speaking Guidance

    120 Words Speaking Guidance

    With more than 120 voice alerts, it notified HOM-BOT SQUARE's current status and movement

  • Low Noise

    Low Noise

    Low noise of 60dB(A), cleaning doesn't annoy you at home. HOM-BOT SQUARE wont' bother you in everyday life.

  • Longer Lasting Battery

    Longer Lasting Battery

    HOM-BOT SQUARE's Li-Ion Polymer battery has longer cycle life than ordinary Ni-MH battery. It maintains over 90% of its designed capacity even after 300 cycles of recharge.

  • Scheduled Cleaning

    Scheduled Cleaning

    With the scheduler, HOM-BOT SQUARE will clean the house at your desired time.

  • Smart Diagnosis

    Smart Diagnosis

    HOM-BOT SQUARE troubleshoots errors by self-diagnosing abnormalities of main parts.

General Specification
Color Metal Silver
Noise level - IEC(Turbo) 68dB
Noise level - IEC(Normal) 60dB
Navigation - Learning Function Yes
Button Lock Yes
Obstacle Detection - Barrier Sencing Ability Ф10mm ↑
Auto charge - Auto recharge after cleaning Yes
Auto charge - Manual recharge Yes
Smart Resume - Auto Cleaning the uncleaned area after recharge Yes
Clock Yes
Scheduled cleaning Set Hour & Minutes
(Once & Daily)
Cleaning path width - Suction Entrance/ Includes Side Brush 195mm/380mm
Edge Cleaning, Side brush 2
Carpet height - Carpet(Cil) overcome Height 1,5cm
Dry mopping Yes
Dust bin capacity 0.6L
Filter Type HEPA
Voice alert - Guide Yes
Voice alert - Mute Yes
Remote control Yes
Power Saving Function Yes
Diamension x H(mm) / W x D X H(mm) 340 x 340 x 89
Net Weight 3kg
Packing Weight 5.6kg
Consumption Power 58W
Running time 100min(Normal)
Charging time 3hr
Camera Dual eye 2.0™
Smart Diagnosis Yes
Cleaning Mode
Number of Cleaning Mode 7
Zigzag Yes
Cell by Cell Yes
Spot (Spiral) Yes
My Space Yes
Turbo Yes
Smart Turbo Yes
Repeat Yes
Carpet Brush (Additional) Yes
Pet Brush(Additional) Yes
Mop 2
Mop Plate Yes
Extra Filter Yes
Extra Side Brush 2
Cleaning Brush Yes
Cleaning Tool Yes
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