Elecom Stereo Headset



Product Summary

  • Stereo headphones with microphones for music, video and telephone conversations
  • Japan Design
  • Combination of silicone rings and ear caps for best fit for your ear
  • Make and receive telephone calls on smartphone


Product Model: EHP-CS3530M

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Stereo headphones with microphone that can be connected to a smartphone with a φ3.5mm 4-pole mini plug so you can enjoy music and videos, as well as telephone conversations. *1
● The microphone area has a set of handy buttons that are easy to use: a button for picking up/terminating telephone calls, and a sliding volume control. *2 *3

● Includes silicone rings in 3 different sizes, and ear caps in 4 different sizes, so you can choose the best ones to fit the shape and size of your ear.
● By adding “silicone rings,” never seen before in traditional headphones, this product allows you to choose from 12 different combinations so you can find the best fit for your ear.
● Ear caps include an XS size, which is smaller than the S size, particularly recommended for ladies.
● Available in 5 different monochrome models, plus one colorful 3-tone model.
● Headphones with “earplugs” designed to fit inside your ear, providing high sound insulation.
● Inner ear type that is less likely to mess up your hairstyle.
● Can reproduce easy to listen, well balanced sounds, from the high to low ranges.
● Featuring plenty of length with its 1.2m cable, so you can use them comfortably while leaving them plugged into your smartphone inside your bag.
● With a slider that prevents the cord from becoming tangled when stored.
● Includes a cord keeper that enables you to tidy up any spare cord.

*1: May not be compatible with some devices even if they are smartphones with a φ3.5mm 4-pole mini plug.
*2: The remote control functionality for playing music/video may be usable with some smartphones.
*3: The button for picking up/terminating telephone calls cannot be used with Internet calls such as Skype™.



■ Headphone Type: airtight ■Fitting Type: earplugs ■Driver Unit: φ9.0mm ■Impedance: 16Ω
■ Sound Pressure Sensitivity: 96dB/1mW ■ Maximum Input Power: 10mW
■ Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000Hz ■Plug Type: φ3.5mm 4-pole mini plug (L type) ■Cord Length: 1.2m
■ Size: headphones: W15 × L20 × H16mm (*), microphone: W7 × L6 × H35mm (excluding cord)
■ Weight: headphones: approximately 4g (*), microphone: approximately 3g (excluding cord)
■ Accessories: silicone rings (S/M/L), ear caps (XS/S/M/L), cord keeper
* Excluding cord. With S size silicone rings and M size ear caps.

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