Elecom In-Ear Stereo Headphones with GrandBass System (13.6mm driver)



Product Summary

  • GrandBass System reproduces deep and powerful high resolution bass sound
  • 13.6mm high quality sound drivers for detailed accurate sound
  • Uniquely designed chambers for better deep bass sound
  • Japan Design


Product Model: EHP-CA3570

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GrandBass system.

Equipped with a "GrandBass System"that reproduces deep and powerful high resolution bass sound.

  1. High quality sound driver unit with a large-diameter Φ 13.6mm
  2. Uniquely designed dual chamber
  3. Front oriented magnet construction
  4. Deep fit ear caps

Ear cap of 3 Dimensions
Gee, S M, large size is attached to cap so that a feeling of fitting is available.

Flat cable
It is easy to manage and adopts flat cable preventing karamario. It is body color and two-tone style of Black.

Convenient Cord keeper attachment
Cord keeper which is convenient for storing of cable at the time of adjustment and carrying around of the cable head at the time of use is attached.

L-type plug
On the body connection side, we adopt L-type plug which we can connect compactly.

Storage pouch
We store headphones, and pouch which is convenient for carrying around is attached.


Sound system Airtight
Wearing method Earplugs type
Driver unit : Dynamic type φ 13.6mm
Speaker input impedance 16 Ω
Sound pressure sensitivity: 100dB/1mW
Maximum input power: 100mW
Frequency response 10Hz - 22kHz
Cord length: 1.2 m (Y-type)
Plug φ 3.5mm tripolar mini-plug (L-type)
Dimensions: The headphones body: 17.7mm in width X 19.6mm in depth X 22.8mm in height (we do not include cord)
Weight : Approximately 6 g of bodies (we do not include cord)
Accessories: Ear cap (S/M/L), Cord keeper, porch, warranty
Environmental consideration matter RoHS
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