Philips HX9362 DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Product Summary


  • 5 modes
  • 2 brush heads
  • Glass charger
  • USB Travel charger

    Model Number: HX9362

    Key Features

    Improves gum health in only two weeks

    This Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush provides optimal cleaning between teeth and along the gumline for improved gum health in just two weeks. Giving a superior cleaning in between teeth and removes significantly more plaque to a manual toothbrush


    DiamondClean toothbrush head for Sonicare's best whitening

    DiamondClean toothbrush heads, Philips Sonicare's best whitening brush head, have diamond shaped, medium stiffness bristles to effectively yet gently scrape away plaque. This Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush provides an exceptional cleaning and whiter teeth compared to a manual toothbrush.


    Whitens teeth more than 2x better than a manual toothbrush

    This Philips Sonicare toothbrush whitens teeth more than 2x better than a manual toothbrush in just 1 week. Removes up to 100% more stains for whiter teeth in just 1 week.

    Philips Sonicare toothbrush helps whiten teeth

    Philips Sonicare's best teeth whitening: this toothbrush helps to remove and reduce stains on your teeth for a brighter smile.


    Removes up to 7X more plaque than a manual toothbrush

    Removes up to 7 times more plaque from hard to reach places than a manual toothbrush.

    Sensitive Mode: Gentle teeth and gum cleaning

    Philips Sonicare toothbrush with Sensitive Mode: Gentle, yet thorough cleaning for sensitive gums

    Two-minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time

    2-minute timer on this Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time

    Quadpacer interval timer encourages thorough brushing

    30 seconds interval timer indicates when you have completed each quadrant of your mouth and signals for you to move on resulting in more consistent cleaning throughout your mouth

    Dual Charging System: Charging glass and travel case

    1) Charger glass - Simply place your Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush in the glass to charge. Can also be used to rinse your mouth after brushing. 2) Charging travel case - Connects to your laptop via USB or can be charged by wall outlet. Allows you to take your DiamondClean anywhere and everywhere.

    Sonicare dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth

    Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush's unique dynamic action gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline.


    Technical Specifications

    • Modes

      Clean: For exceptional everyday clean
      Gum Care: Gently massages gums
      Polish: Brighten and polish your teeth
      Sensitive: Gentle teeth and gum cleaning
      White: Removes surface stains
    • Cleaning performance

      Speed: Up to 31000 brush movement/min
      Performance: Removes up to 7x more plaque*
      Health benefits: Improves gum health in only two weeks
      Whitening benefits: Whitens teeth 2X better
      Timer: Smartimer and Quadpacer
    • Technical specifications

      Battery: Rechargeable
      Battery type: Lithium ION
      Operating time (full to empty): Up to 3 weeks**
    • Service

      Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
    • Items included

      Handles: 1 DiamondClean
      Brush heads: 1 DiamondClean compact & 1 DiamondClean standard
      Glass charger: 1
      Travel case: USB travel charger
    • Design and finishing

      Color: Pink
    • Ease of use

      Brush head system: Easy click-on brush heads
      Brushing time: Up to 3 weeks**
      Battery indicator: Illuminated icon indicates battery life
      Handle: Slim ergonomic design
      Display: Illuminated display
    • Power

      Voltage: 110-220 V
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