Whirlpool Bundle: 9/10kg Front Load Washer & Dryer


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Washer FSCR 90420: 6TH SENSE Technology, ZEN Direct Drive Motor, Hot Finish, FreshCare

Dryer HSCX104316TH SENSE Technology, 3DRY Technology, WoolExcellence, SteamCare, 5 Ticks Maximum Energy Efficiency

      Front Load Washer
      Model no.: FSCR 90420


      6TH SENSE Technology 
      - An Intelligent Wash for improved savings. Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE Technology utilises intelligent sensors to automatically control resource usage for maximum efficiency every wash. These sensors also actively adjust the optimal drum speed based on the laundry load to ensure gentle but thorough cleaning. 

      ZEN Direct Drive Motor 
      - As silent as a whisper. With a new design and ZEN direct drive motor, the Supreme Care washer gives you the quietest spin cycle available, producing only 49dB(A) sound level during the wash cycle and 67dB(A) during spinning. This allows you to run the washing machine at any time without causing any disturbances, even at night. 

      - Softest touch with optimum cleaning results. Every design and program revolve around providing optimum cleaning results while making sure that your laundry is treated with the utmost care. 

      - Ensure colour conservation and fabric protection with lower wash temperature at 15°C. 

      - The FreshCare option automatically tumbles the laundry periodically up to 6 hours after the end of your wash program, reducing bacteria proliferation due to increased air circulation. 

      Hot Finish 
      - The rinse phase completes with a warm rinse, which relaxes the fabric fibres and passes into a gentle and shorter spin phase. The laundry feels comfortably warm when taking it out shortly after programme end. 

      1,400rpm High Spin Speed 

      Wide Door, Large Capacity 

      Made in Italy 

      Energy Efficiency (Europe): A+++


      Capacity (kg) : 9
      Max Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400
      Type Of Motor : ZEN Direct Drive
      Energy Efficiency Class (European) : A+++
      Features : 6TH SENSE Technology 
      Colours 15° 
      Hot Finish 
      Dosing Aid
      Functions : Bio Stain 15° 
      Intensive Rinse Option 
      Rapid Option 
      Pre Wash Option 
      Spin Speed Options 
      Heavy Soil Options 
      Start Delay 
      Child Lock
      Program : Cotton 
      Quick Wash - Rapid 30' 
      Rinse & Spin 
      Net Weight (kg) : 85
      Product Dimension (WxDxH) mm : 595 x 640 x 850
      Voltage (V) : 230-240
      Current (A) : 10
      Frequency (Hz) : 50
      Country Of Origin : Italy
      Water Efficiency Rating (Singapore WELS) : 3 Ticks (6.5litres/kg)

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      Model no.: HSCX10431


      SupremeCare Heat Pump 
      - Instead of a hot air exhaust system in traditional dryers, the Supreme Care dryer uses the heat pump technology that condenses the moisture out of the air, reheats and recirculates it back into the dryer. This results in substantial savings of up to 58% in energy compared to condenser dryers. 

      3DRY Technology 
      - Gentler heat distribution and improved evenness. The tridimensional hot air is softly blown through the back and the holes of the lifters into the drum, working in harmony with the drum movements to perfectly and evenly dry all your garments with maximum care. 

      - A dedicated wool care programme is included to pay special attention to protect your delicate wool garments. The sensor technology adapts the drying cycle automatically based on humidity and temperature, using controlled low temperature between 45°C-50°C, low drum movement and a unique dynamic airflow, to ensure wool clothes are dried evenly, without the risk of over-drying. The result - a softer touch without the need for a wool rack. 

      - By harnessing the natural power of steam, the Supreme Care dryer creates the best environment for reviving the texture of your clothes. The SteamCare technology generates steam directly inside the fabric fibres without the need to add water through the use of a closed circulation system that leverages on the humidity left in the clothes. This significantly reduces any wrinkling in the process to facilitate easy ironing and to always enjoy laundry that is soft to the touch. 

      Five ticks energy saving certification. 
      - To complement your eco-friendly lifestyle, Whirlpool's Supreme Care dryer ensures excellent energy savings and has been awarded the best energy efficiency rating under the Singapore MELS (Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme). 

      Rapid Option 

      Gentle Option 

      Over-dry Protection 

      Made in France



      Capacity (kg) : 10
      Technology : Heat Pump
      Heater Type : Electric
      Features : 6TH SENSE Technology 
      Steam Refresh 
      Diagonal Airflow System
      Functions : Drying Time 
      Dryness level 
      Gentle Option 
      Rapid Option 
      Steam Option 
      Finish In Option 
      Key Lock
      Program : Cotton 
      Big Items 
      Down Jackets 
      Mini Load
      Net Weight (kg) : 47
      Product Dimension WxDxH (mm) : 596 x 659 x 855
      Voltage (V) : 240
      Current (A) : 13
      Frequency (Hz) : 50
      Country Of Origin : France
      Energy Efficiency Rating (Singapore MELS) : 5 Ticks


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