Bosch SMS63L08EA Serie | 6 ActiveWater 60 cm Dishwasher


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Product Summary

Model Number: SMS63L08EA


  • ActiveWater Hydraulic System
  • Dosage Assist Basket ensures the tablets are dissolving properly
  • BLDC Motor
  • Aqua Sensor, Load Sensor
  • Full Electronic Control
  • Inner Tub: Stainless Steel/Polinox
  • Anti-Finger Print Coating
  • Red Light Indicator
  • Time Indicator (Min)
  • Glass Care System


Product group Dishwasher
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code SMS63L08EA
Internal article number SMS63L08EA
EAN code 4,242,002,837,840
Built-in / Free-standing Free-standing
Installation typology Built-under
Removable top Yes
Door panel options Not possible
Color / Material panel Stainless steel colour, lacqu.
Color / Material body silver inox
Color / Material top Stainless steel colour, lacqu.
Tub material Stainless steel/plastic
Hidden heating element Yes
Connection Rating (W) 2400 W
Current (A) 10 A
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 60; 50 Hz
Approval certificates CE, VDE
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 175.0 cm
Plug type GB plug
Length inlet hose (cm) 165 cm
Length outlet hose (cm) 190 cm
Depth of the product 600 mm
Width of the product (mm) 600 mm
Possible adjustment of the plinth (mm/mm) / mm
Height of removable worktop (mm) 815 mm
Height of the product (mm) 845 mm
Net weight (kg) 44.000 kg
Gross weight (kg) 45.000 kg
Energy consumption (kWh) 1.02 kWh
Number of place settings 12
Water consumption (l) 11.80 l
Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW) 52 dB
Total annual energy consumption (kWh) 225 kWh
Total cycle time of reference programme (min) 210 min
Number of programmes 6
Number of different wash temperatures 4
Water protection system Total system
Water protection system description Triple water protection 24h
Water softener (kWh) Yes
Maximum accepted water hardness 50°DH
Maximum temperature for water intake (°C) 60 °C
Drying system Inherent heat
Start delay options Continuous
Start delay time max (h) 24 h
Single basket washing No possibility
Drying progress indicator Time remaining indicator front, water inlet
Digital countdown indicator Yes
Salt light indicator Yes
Rinse aid light indicator Yes
Child saftety devices Yes
Adjustable upper basket Rackmatic 3-stage
Largest loadable dish upper basket (cm) 27 cm
Largest loadable dish lower basket (cm) 30 cm
Basket with handle Bottom basket, Top basket
INS-Enclosure in production English
Installation instructions Yes
Surge-back protect. installed Yes
Control panel shape Bosch middle class
Outer door shape middle cl. impression
Glass protection techn. Yes
Top basket type mid
Bottom basket type mid
Name, programme 1 IntensivePlus
Programme duration, programme1 (min.) 140-150
Energy consumption, programme1 (kWh) 1.55-1.6
Temperature, programme 1 (°C) 70
Water consumption, programme 1 (l) 12-15
Name, programme 2 Normal
Programme duration, programme2 (min.) 130
Energy consumption, programme2 (kWh) 1.35
Temperature, programme 2 (°C) 65
Water consumption, programme 2 (l) 14
Name, programme 3 Auto
Programme duration, programme3 (min.) 95-160
Energy consumption, programme3 (kWh) 1-1.6
Temperature, programme 3 (°C) 45-65
Water consumption, programme 3 (l) 9-19
Name, programme 4 Economy
Programme duration, programme4 (min.) 210
Energy consumption, programme4 (kWh) 1.02
Temperature, programme 4 (°C) 50
Water consumption, programme 4 (l) 11.8
Name, programme 5 Quick Wash
Programme duration, programme5 (min.) 29
Energy consumption, programme5 (kWh) 0.8
Temperature, programme 5 (°C) 45
Water consumption, programme 5 (l) 10
Name, programme 6 Pre Rinse
Programme duration, programme6 (min.) 15
Energy consumption, programme6 (kWh) 0.05
Temperature, programme 6 (°C) 0
Water consumption, programme 6 (l) 4
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