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  • Active Smart
  • Cloudfresh
  • LED Photosynthesis
  • Magic Shelf
  • Human sensor
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    Active Dual Fresh

    The unique lighting system utilize LED to mimic sunlight by emitting different wavelengths of light (Blue & Red) to simulate photosynthesis activity that provide energy to vegetables with the aim of keeping them ‘alive’ for longer freshness, enhancing the natural color and vitamin content of fresh food, preserved the quality of food as if they were just picked from the farm.

    Active Cloudfresh

    High tech nano platinum filter which effectively absorb and remove the unwanted odours and contamination inside the fridge. This is to keep your fridge always fresh with bacteria-free and odourless to provides the best food preservation environment to your stored food.

    Active Smart

    The Active smart inverter sense the interior and ambient temperature to automatically restores the fridge temperature to optimize cooling performance to deliver precise and consistent temperature. While keeping food freshness for longer and better energy efficiency.

    Quick Cooling & Quick Freezing

    With just a push on the button, you can now store a lot of food at a time and immediately your food will be frozen or chilled at preset temperature to preserve the maximum nutrients of the food.

    Magic Shelf

    The magic shelf provides flexible storage according to your needs, the surface of the shelf ensures a proper storage of bottles to prevent them from rolling while each of the containers are convenient to store small items for easy accessible. The 3 independent containers also can be used separately to store food in the fridge or freezer.

    Adjustable Shelf & Door Bins

    The shelf & door bins are flexible to be adjusted for your storage convenience.

    Motion Sensor

    When the fridge sense movement in a certain range in front of its door, the LED and display will be lit up.

    Low energy LED backlight

    Long lifetime lighting with bright and soothing to eyes (top and backlight)


    Product Type Side by Side
    Net Capacity 557L
    Fridge Capacity 384L
    Freezer Capacity 195L
    User Interface Electronic Touch Control Display
    Compressor Zen Inverter
    No Frost Yes
    Multi Airflow Yes
    Quick Freezing Yes
    Quick Cooling Yes
    Anti-bacterial Filter Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial System
    Others Active Smart
    LED Photosynthesis
    Magic Shelf
    Human sensor
    Door Color Silver Glass
    Ice Cube Tray Twist Ice Maker
    Light LED
    Voltage/Freq 220-240V 50Hz
    Product Dimension  915x1802x727

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