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Product Summary

  • Multipower Inverter
  • Active FreshSeal
  • Active FreezeCare


Multipower Inverter

Ideal temperature for long lasting freshness every time you open the door, the Multipower Inverter compressor, rapidly corrects the temperature to prevent thermal shock and ensure optional food preservation.

Active FreshSeal

The intuitive FreshSeal will automatically detect temperature variations in order to restore the optimal environment to preserve fresh food for longer in the most natural way.

Active FreezeCare

Your frozen food retained its quality and properties for longer thanks to FreezeCare technology that reduces freezer burns.

Active Fast Freeze & Active Fast Cool

No more waiting for food to be frozen or to be chilled: the freezing & cooling process accelerated with just a push on the button, allowing a better preservation of consumer favorite dishes.

Active Multitemperature- Made to fit your freezing needs

Your needs change constantly, and your freezer knows how to always meet them. are not the same. The multitemperature compartment allows you to choose between up to 3 different temperatures in order to store every food type properly.

Soft Freeze - 7°C: Ideal for already frozen food that you will use within the week. Your weekly meal planner.

Mild Freeze -12°C: Perfect for scoopable ice-cream

Deep Freeze: -18°C: To store all your fresh and frozen food to preserve nutritional value of food for longer

Versatile space with endless possibilities

The ultra-high capacity saves you many trips to shopping malls. With 591L capacity, you’ll have more space to store your food in a convenient way.

Perfect in every kitchen

The 90cm wide Infinity Max fridge-freezer has new distinguishing interiors and layout with bright inox finishing. It matches harmoniously with all kitchen furniture in less than 70cm depth.

Interact with just a gesture

The interactive with the Infinity Max iseasy and immediate, thanks to the wide Touch Display integrated in the handle.



Product Type French door bottom mount
Gross Capacity 677L
Net Capacity 591L
Fridge Capacity 384L
Freezer Capacity 384L
User Interface Electronic Touch Control Display
Compressor Zen Inverter
No Frost Yes
Multi Airflow Yes
Quick Freezing Yes
Quick Cooling Yes
Anti-bacterial Filter Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial System
Others Active FreshSeal
Active FreezeCare
Active Multitemperature - Soft/Mild/Deep Freeze
Holiday mode
Gradual lighting
Pull out tray (freezer)
Door Color Stainless Steel
Ice Cube Tray Twist Ice Maker
Light LED
Voltage/Freq 220-240V 50Hz
Product Dimension WHD 905x1874x690 mm

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