Cado AP-C710S 107m² AIR PURIFIER


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  • ~107m²



The key to effective air purification is speed.

Dust, harmful substances and viruses suspended in air cannot be picked up once they fall to the floor, no matter how powerful a vacuum cleaner may be. This is why the “purifying speed,” which draws in all such particles before they hit the floor, is so important. The twin booster fans mounted on the AP-C710S purify 13.8 cubic meters of air every minute. A large amount of air is drawn in from air inlets and fed through the filter to deliver beautiful filtered air from the upper section of the base unit into the room. Air is circulated in large quantities at high speeds to rapidly clean contaminated air in the room before it is breathed in by anyone.

Filter performance that can keep up.

Filter performance is also an important factor in achieving high air purifying speeds. The filter is equipped with a self-cleaning function, and the high performance filter filters air in stages.

A touch panel made of tempered glass for both elegance and endurance.

A Touch Panel made of tempered glass is used for the Control Panel with a simple and straightforward design. This enables a high degree of durability and comfortable operating sensations.

LEDs indicate air quality.

Three LED light colors notify invisible air conditions. 
The LED light is dimmed to suit the brightness of surroundings for peaceful ambiance at bedtime.



Room size *1 ~ 107 m²
Maximum airflow *2 900 m³/h
Product weight 18 kg (including filter)
Sensor Odor sensor, dust sensor, light sensor
Rated power consumption Min: 12 W (Low) / Max: 180 W (Rapid at 60 Hz)
Sound level Min: 34 dBA (Low) / Max: 59 dBA (Rapid)
Air outlet Front / rear (top)
Air inlet Sides (lower left / right)
Dimensions W 423 × D 297 × H 714 mm
Replacement filter FL-C710

To maintain full dust collecting, deodorizing and self-cleaning performance, change the filter when the Change Filter indicator lights up. Filter generally need to be replaced after one year use.
*1 Calculated using a testing method based on JEM1467 of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
*2 When operated on Rapid


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