Product details of NOVITA NH900 HUMIDIFIER

Exquisitely designed with its classy motifs and clean outline, novita Humidifier NH900 is a must-have in every modern home. Packed with features like UV Bio-Photocatalyst sterilization and deodorization, Duo-Humidification Technologies and Hydrostat for Pre-set Humidity level, this whisper-quiet beauty promises scintillating functionality that one takes pleasure in.



Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, heightened humidity. 

NH900 adds back the desired moisture in the air to create the ideal humidity.

The efficient ultrasonic technology uses high frequency vibrations to generate a superfine mist of water droplets, which is thoroughly and evenly blown into the environment to increase the humidity level. Select between hot or cold mist based on your needs and preferences.

Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, NH900 is quiet when running, making it easy to have on while you sleep.

Long humidification hours. Uninterrupted moisture relief.

With continuous humidification, NH900 counteracts dry air problems quickly for your ultimate comfort!

NH900 provides minimum 16 hours of moisture from a single 6.5 litres water tank and shuts off automatically when water runs low. With variable mist output in low, medium and high, it creates the ideal environment for that extra comfort and relieve. 

UV Bio-Photocatalyst Sterilisation & Deodorisation. Clean, odorless humidification. 

Smelly particles and bacteria are removed for clean, pure mist!

NH900 uses a combination of LED ultraviolet light and Bio-Photocatalyst to constantly sterilise and deodorise the air before allowing it to blow out clean, pure mist.

The combination of bio material and photocatalyst acts as an environment friendly oxidizing agent when activated by ultraviolet ray. When the photocatalyst captures ultraviolet light, it forms activated oxygen from water or oxygen in the air. The formed activated oxygen effectively decomposes smelly particles to achieve maximum deodorisation and sterilisation effects.



Dimensions (W x D x H)


170 mm x 265 mm x 322 mm

Empty Weight


3.5 kg

Power Consumption


► Ultrasonic: 40 Watts
► Heat Vaporizing: 125 Watts

Humidification Technology


Ultrasonic Technology

Recommended Coverage


Up to 180 sq. ft or 17 m²

Tank Capacity


6.5 litres

Humidification Rate


► Cool: 300 ml / hr
► Warm: 400 ml / hr

Continuous Humidification


► Cool: Minimum 21 hours
► Warm: Minimum 16 hours

Humidifier Control


► LED Display Screen
► Humidity Status
► Humidifier Settings



► Auto/Sleep/Common Cold/Atopy Mode
► UV Bio-Photocatalyst Sterilization and Deodorization
► Dual Mist Outlet
► Duo-Humidification Option
► Humidity Level Control
► Humidification Timer
► Hydrostat for Pre-Set Humidity Level
► Water Shortage Indicator
► 3 Levels of Mist Output



► Mystic Black
► Arctic White


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