Product Summary

  • Superior breathing comfort
  • 3D V-shape
  • N95 level performance filter


    Golden anchor point, effectively disperses the pressure

    The "golden anchor point" defined by the Philips laboratory through scientific force analysis to effectively disperses the pressure of the mask on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and ears. *

    Perfectly fit for your face

    The reusable cover is ingeniously crafted with the fabric Air Mesh. Together with 3D laser precise cutting, the Fresh Air Mask combines flexibility, elasticity and durability all into one.

    Your everyday fashion icon

    With 3D laser precision cutting, the mask is more flexible, elastic and durable. The external mask cover is washable while keeping its shape.

    Every breathe is fresh*

    Thanks to the powerful fan module, the Fresh Air Mask delivers up to 41L/min of air flow. The motor and air fluid dynamic design reduces the exhalation resistance, improving breathing comfort.

    The mask that can breathe

    Out of many available fabrics, the Philips Fresh Air Mask is made with an ingenious technological micro-porous fabric. When combined with the fan module, the mask can help quickly expel the hot and humid air exhaled.

    Protection from

    The Philips Fresh Air Mask is designed with UPF 50+ level protection, providing protection from UV rays.

    Filters out 95% of PM2.5, Pollen and 99% of Bacteria of 3μm

    The filter material provides N95 level filtration performance, filters out 95% of pollen and PM2.5. *Only applies to filter FY0086


    Battery Life Speed 1: 3.5 hours
    Speed 2: 2.5 hours
    Speed 3: 2 hours (average)
    Full charge: 3 hours to get fully charged
    Color Black shell, light Silver cover

    *Fresh Air Mask (ACM066) has a 1 year warranty.
    *This is based on Philips internal lab result, only calculated for fan itself.
    *based on 23,000 Chinese face data
    *With reference to the test conditions of the United States NIOSH and the Philips corporate standard, they are tested and certified by a third-party laboratory. Consumer should follow the instruction of use for such masks.
    Droplet size is defined as 0.5 to 12 microns according to EN14683. According to the third-party test, the filtration efficiency of Philips mask filter material for particles with the most penetrating particle size of 0.3 micron is over 95%, and for particles with the most penetrating diameter of 3 microns is 99%. Based on this, the calculated value is obtained.

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