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Product Summary

  • High Precision Compressor
  • Auto-evaporation
  • Multi-functions
  • High Cooling Capacity
  • Grade A Energy Efficient Rating
  • Comes with Remote Controller

    4-in-1 Function Portable Aircon: Cooling, Heating, Fan, Dehumidifying.

    Benefits of Portable Aircon

    1. No Restrictions

    Many apartment buildings, Condos, and even BTO HDB do not allow you to have a window air conditioner. Portable Aircon are a great alternative as they do not protrude from the outside of your home. Also, as their name suggests, they’re portable so it’s easy to relocate them from room to room.

    2. A Small Unit for a Small Space

    Portable air conditioners are perfect if you live in a small space. Many people living in a studio or one-bedroom apartments find that they fit their needs perfectly. There’s also no permanent installation required so set up is extremely quick and easy.

    Also, when living in a small space, natural light, views, and other window benefits may be important elements you’d rather not sacrifice. Unlike Window Aircon unit, which takes up the majority of a window, portable air conditioners only take a fraction of the opening, preserving precious window space.

    3. Cut Costs and Keep Cool

    Portable air conditioners are being used for economic reasons as well. They are great supplements to central air conditioning systems, which can be very expensive to run when they’re working hard to cool your entire house. On days when you only need cooling for one or two rooms, portable air conditioners are a great companion to central air, allowing you to significantly lower your central unit usage.

    4. Alternative On-the-Go Cooling

    Many RVs, travel trailers, or pop-up campers have unreliable cooling systems, if they have one at all. Whether your on-the-go lifestyle is a temporary vacation or a permanent home, you’ll want to be comfortable in your space. A portable air conditioner offers a unique cooling solution perfect for the small living spaces within recreational vehicles.

    Portable air conditioners are becoming more popular than ever before. As more and more people recognize the benefits of owning one, their popularity will only continue to grow. When considering your cooling options, consider that a portable air conditioner could be exactly what you need.


    Product Features

    Switchable Air Outlets
    Heating Usage is achievable by switching the Air Outlets direction. Just lift the ducts from both side and switch around, this is one of the unique key selling points of Avolta Portable Aircon.

    Easy Cleaning
    If there is a large amount of dust on the net, the air volume will be reduced. If the air filter becomes clogged with dust/dirt, the Air Filter can be Cleaned once every two weeks. It is Very Easy to take off air filter from the strainer overlay at the side. Clean the air filter with neural detergent in lukewarm water(40℃) and dry it up in the shade.

    Blue Fin
    Last 3x longer with the Epoxy Coated Blue Fin – This Anti-Corrosion Condenser Technology protects the coils against accumulation of water droplets. It discourages corrosion, Improve air conditioner Performance and Increase the Lifetime of the appliances.

    Environmental Friendly Refrigerant
    Avolta Portable Aircon ‘A’ Series uses High Efficiency Compressor make in Taiwan and uses the R290 Non-Ozone Depletion Refrigerant which is complies with the European directives on the environment. It is Low in Global Warming Potential, because it is a Natural Refrigerant that does Not Affect the Ozone Layer, and if emitted to the environment Does Not Represent Any Harm; furthermore, it has Excellent Cold Transmission Properties.

    The Inner Water Tray in the air-conditioner has a Water Level Safety Switches, it controls the water level. The continuous drainage is not need to be applied when the unit working at the Cool or Dehumidify Mode. The unit can Evaporate the Condensate Water Automatically by the splash motor. You can continuous drain the water with a drainage hose(optional) connected to the bottom drain hole, when the unit working at the Fan mode. Otherwise the water tray will full when Water Level reaches an Anticipated Height.

    For most of the Portable Aircon models, “E4” will be displayed on the LED display to indicate water full. When the water is full, the Compressor will automatically Stop Running to prevent troubles. You can Remove the Rubber Blockage from the Drainage Hole at the bottom of unit, Drain the Excessive Water with drainage pipe.




    *Images are for illustration purpose only.


    Avolta Warranty

    1 Year – Parts Warranty
    Parts warranty covers the cost of parts due to manufacturing defects.

    1 Year – On-Site Full Coverage Protection Warranty
    Full coverage warranty covers the cost of labour, checking and transportation.

    6 Years – Compressor Warranty
    Compressor warranty covers the cost of compressor due to manufacturing defects.

    Registration Warranty Online: Avolta.com.sg/warranty-registration/



    Window Kit
    Comes with the box are Extendable Window Panel, Exhaust Host and Hose Adapter. The windows panel can fit on many types of window, whether it is Push-out, Slider or Louver Window. Adjust the length of the window slider kit according to the window width or height, and fix it with the dowel. It can be fixed in “horizontal” or “vertical” position depending on the window. Then, mount the hose which already connected to your air outlet, to the window panel to Exhaust the Heat from your room for a faster cooling experience.

    Avolta Portable Aircon User Manual: Avolta.com.sg/user-manuals/

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