LG F2718RVTV 18kg, 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine

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Product Summary

  • 6 Motion™ Inverter Direct Drive
  • TrueSteam®
  • Eco Hybrid
  • TurboWash™
  • Wi-Fi Enabled

Refresh Laundry with LG Truestream

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Washer and Dryer in one

LG's Washer and Dryer in one is another of our leading appliance technologies. Save space in your home and make more room for your family. LG’s Washer and Dryer in one means you don’t need to buy a separate dryer but still get your clothes sparkling clean and dry, too.



The direct drive motor that powers our washing machines is super reliable and really quiet. We know it is one of the best wash machine motors on the market, which is why all our machines come with a standard 10-year warranty on the motor and parts. Nothing standard about that now, is there?

Energy saving

Energy Saving

Sensor detects the loading capacity and calculates the exact rpm and braking time for each operation. The accuracy can ensure optimum washing performance. This not only saves your time, but also water and energy.

OPTIMAL WASH for fabrics with 6 Motion DD

OPTIMAL WASH for fabrics
 with 6 Motion DD

Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Global_WM_6 Motion DD Video

99.9%252525 ALLERGENS REDUCED with True Steam™

with True Steam™

Three-in-one True Steam™ technology: Allergy Care removes allergens from clothes by optimal temperature control. Steam Refresh freshens up clothes in just 20 minutes – less wrinkles and fewer odors without any ironing. Steam Softener™ only uses pure True Steam™ water, the most hygienic softener ever. Ideal for baby and sensitive skin.

Pause & Add Items

Pause & Add Items

If you miss to put laundry during washing, just press "Pause" and add any laundry from small socks to big jacket. Cotton, Mix, Easy Care, Speed14 whichever you selected, door can be opened* immediately(about 3 sec)** during washing.

Smart Diagnosis™

Smart Diagnosis™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits.

TurboWash 2.0

TurboWash™ technology reduces laundry time up to 30 minutes, but with the same washing performance. Twin Spray douses clothes with concentrated detergent for quicker distribution. High-pressure Atomizing Rinse Spray improves and speeds up rinsing during the spin cycle. Centrifugal Motion dissolves detergent better with enhanced movement.


with Eco Hybrid

Eco Hybrid technology with Energy A rating saves water or shortens the drying cycle*. You can choose to Eco dry or normal dry. ECO dry mode uses no water for drying. Normal dry mode shortens the entire cycle, cutting back energy costs.


SmartThinQ™ technology puts this washer at the top of its class. Intelligent features let you operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Cycle Download to add a whole range of newly developed wash cycles during the washing machine's entire lifespan.

Wash Capacity (kg) 18kg
Dry Capacity 10kg
Drum Volume 4.5cu.ft
RPM 1100
Body Color Stainless Silver (VCM)
Lid color VCM
Display LED
Control Dial
Pot Hole (mm) 430
6-Motion Yes
Smart Diagnosis 3.0
Circulation Twin Spray
Dry Type Hybrid
Wi-Fi Yes
Main Program
Normal Yes
Speed Wash + Dry Yes
Speed Wash Yes
Rinse + Spin Yes
Hygien Yes
Allergy Care Yes
Steam Cleaning Yes
Baby Care Yes
Bedding Care Yes
Silent Wash Yes
Duvet Yes
Wool Yes
Cold Wash Yes
Download Course Yes
Drying Programs
Turbo Dry Yes
Air Dry Yes
Time Dry Yes
Wash Program
Soak Yes
Pre Wash Yes
Intensive Yes
Normal Yes
Light Yes
Rinse Option
R++Hold Yes
N+Hold Yes
Rinse++ Yes
Rinse+ Yes
Normal Yes
Spin Option
1100 Yes
1000 Yes
800 Yes
600 Yes
400 Yes
Temp (℃)
95 Yes
60 Yes
40 Yes
30 Yes
Cold Yes
Additional Programs
Steam wash Yes
Remote Start Yes
Time Delay Yes
Add Item Yes
Tub Clean Yes
Turbo Wash Yes
Width (mm) 700
Depth (mm) 770
Height (mm) 990
Weight(kg) 100
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