Zojirushi CV-CSQ30 is a smart and energy saving electrical water dispensing pot that keep you going for a long way. It works under standard 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug. 3 litres capacity is where it standout for a good family usage. You just fill it up with water, switch it on and forget about it – until you’re ready for hot water. No Asian kitchen is without one! It serves a family up to 10 persons daily without a problem.

This water heater is designed to be filled and left on continuously, so boiling water is available any time for hot drinks, ‘instant’ foods like ramen, filling flasks or general use. It doesn’t need to be emptied, just top it up with cold water when hot water is not needed – it takes between 25-35 minutes to bring the water to 98°C for the initial boil.

The Zojirushi CV-CSQ30 saves energy – it is the latest technology for hot water heaters and has energy savings of 60% over other standard water heaters. See the picture illustration below for more information on energy consumption. The patented technology use double insulation layer to conserve energy. it comes with a smart thermal insulation keep warm mode, when selected, it keep the water at your temperature and shut the unit off. The double insulation and VE technology work itself to maintain the temperature.

This Zojirushi VE Hybrid water heater has a similar footprint to your traditional kettle, the LCD screen displays what temperature the water inside is and once the initial boil has finished the unit will play a tune to let you know. The unit creates a vacuum insulated seal to ensure the water is kept at the highest temperature possible whilst conserving energy. This water heater is designed to be left on for 24 hours, seven days a week and has an automatic shut off feature to stop it boiling dry or if the lid isn’t shut properly. Unique to the VE Hybrid model is the Thermal Insulation Keep Warm mode – by selecting this you save energy as the power to the unit is shut off and the water is kept at the correct temperature by the thermal insulation built into the water heater. There is an easy to use energy saver timer function which can be programmed up to 10 hours in advance to have hot water ready for when you wake up in the morning or get in from work. By using the different keep warm settings you can save up to 15% electricity.

Big Panaroma view water level gauge let you have a clear idea on how much water is left and extra safety features on the one-push button hot water release. The power cord is detachable for easy handling.


Model Number CV-CSQ30
Capacity 3.0 Liters
Country of Origin China
Color Light Beige
Power AC220-230V / 720-785W
Product Dimensions 215 x 275 x 295 mm ; 4.0Kg


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