When purchasing new air-conditioners, most home owners look at few key points; British Terminal Unit (BTU), Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and System 1, 2 or 3. However, there are 3 other important points that are often neglected. This post aims to give you 3 things that you should look out for during an air conditioner installation service.

Installation Services

Air conditioners problems can be caused by poor installations work and usage of inferior materials. The installation is as important as the air conditioner you purchased.

Proper installation of your air conditioner will save you money, time and headaches in the long run. Shortcuts taken during installation can lead to bigger problems such as gas leakages, water clogging and rusting of your air conditioner.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to determine the quality of installation work when you’re at the retail shop. Beside recommendations from friends and reviews on forums, how else can you assess if you’re paying for a quality air con installation.

PVC Drainage Pipes

Try opting for a drainage pipe that is at least 16mm thick. This is wider than the standard 13mm thick drainage pipe, which is more susceptible to choking. A choked drainage pipe can easily cause leakage from your air-conditioner unit, give you more headache. The PVC drainage pipes should also be installed with a proper gradient to help with flow of water.

Insulation Tubes

Insulation tubes are responsible for minimising loss of energy and preventing leakages. Best to opt for ARMAFLEX Class 0 insulation tube that are at least 1/2” thick. The alternative is ARMAFLEX Class 1 insulation tubes that are 3/8” thick. It may cost you more upfront to opt for a better quality insulation tube, but the savings you gain from more efficient and air conditioners and nasty repairs in the future will pay off.

Copper Pipes

The copper pipes transports refrigerant gas in your air conditioner. You should insist on at least SWG 23 (0.61mm) or 22 (0.71mm), which are able to withstand the operating gas pressure from your air conditioners.

Recommendations for Air Conditioners

Below are our recommended multi-split air conditioners. They include our premium installation packages, which provides a quality installation using high quality materials.

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