1. Philips Avance Collection Sensor Touch Rice Cooker HD3077/62 

$169.00 Now selling at $149.00. View product here.

Good price for a mid range rice cooker. Extremely easy to operate, has 6 rice recipes and 5 foods recipes, it's an all-in-one rice cooker.

You can cook rice, cake, soup or even use it as a steamer. Has a 5-layer golden inner pot that can generate more heat and transmits heat evenly. This is a must-have appliance for your new home!

1.8 litres, 10 cups of rice. 


2. Tefal 9L Toaster Oven OF1608  

$89.90 Now selling at $69.90. View product here.

Everyone needs a toaster oven, for making the perfect toast during breakfast, for heating up overnight food that is meant to be crispy.

This toaster oven is of a good size of 9L, has 3 functions (bake, toast, grill) and has a 30 minute timer for longer heating. Most importantly, it has an adjustable thermostat for higher temperature heating (90 to 230 degrees).


3. Delonghi Icona Vintage Toaster CTOV4003GR 

Now selling at $169.00. View product here.

Don’t you just want to get a set of these?

This pop-up toaster looks really pretty with the vintage typewriter green and brown. Not only does it fit beautifully into your kitchen, it has a very thoughtful feature called the browning control. With that, you can make a toast that suits your preferences perfectly.

The Icona Vintage Toaster comes in green, baby blue, beige and black. The Icona Toaster comes in blue, red, black, see here.



 4. Delonghi Icona Vintage 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine ECOV310GR  

$399.00 Now selling at $299.00. View product here.

The good news is the Delonghi Icona vintage toaster has a brother – The 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine. It’s both stylish and easy to use with a simple 3-button operating system.

It comes in green, baby blue, beige and black. If you want the full Icona Vintage set, you can get the kettle too, see here.

5. Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD9316/03  

$89.00 Now selling at $79.00. View product here.

Has a keep-warm heating function with no reboiling for convenience. The cord winder allows the cable to be hidden from sight, keeps your kitchen tidy.

Most importantly, the body and inner lid is made of food-grade stainless steel, and it has a big opening, which makes it easy to clean.



6. Sharp 22L Instant Chef Microwave Oven R-279T  

$169.00 Now selling at $149.00. View product here.

Easy to use, with One Touch! buttons for easy heating up, such as instant noodle and beverage etc. This is extremely convenient for young couples.

Microwaved food always feels] tougher? This microwave oven has a moisture sensor technology that helps to adjust the best cooking time for your food, so it finishes reheating at the best timing.


7. Samsung 28L Convection Type Microwave Oven MC28H5135CK 

$399.00 Now selling at $351.00. View product here.

If you can afford a higher end microwave oven, this is the one for you.

Aesthetically beautiful and modern looking with crystal gloss design, it fits into any modern kitchen décor.

It even has a slim fry function, a great alternative to the air fryer. In addition, there are 14 recipes preprogrammed, like brown rice, boneless chicken and salmon streaks etc.





8. Philips 1.5 Litre Blender With Serrated Blades HR2170 

Now selling at $109.00. View product here.

With this blender, you could make juices, homemade soups or even smoothies. It has detachable blades, which allows easy cleaning. Blades are ultra-sharp, good for crushing and blending. There is also a simple ice crush button.

The jar is made of high quality glass, which prevents scratches and smell.


9. KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer KSM150 

$1018.00 Now selling at $688.00. View product here.

You can’t call yourself a keen home cook without a stand mixer. The KitchenAid is great for working on bread dough, cookie dough and cakes. It is also easy to clean.

What’s more, it is the most visually attractive mixer ever. So many pretty colors to choose from, it is definitely a great addition to your kitchen counter.


10. Happy Call Double Pan - Multi Purpose PMC11-R 

     Now selling at $79.00. View product here.

    This magnetic flip pan is a must-have. It cooks food in multiple ways – you could grill, fry and even make cakes. Conveniently, there are tons of happy call recipes online that you can play around with.

    The ceramic and titanium coating makes it the best non-stick pan, you’ll hardly get any residue stuck to it. The pan opens easily and closes tightly, cooks faster than normal pans, because of the heat retention technology. And it allows healthier cooking using minimal amount of oil to cook. 

    You need to get one now. The pan comes in three sizes.



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