Who says the short hair girl has to live with a boring hairdo? Here’s 7 different hairstyles that you can play around with!

1. Sexy Mool Gyul Waves

Use a flat iron to achieve these Korean waves. Start curling at about 1/3 the length of your hair, gives you a pretty wave starting at the top.


2. Tie a short little ponytail for a casual day out

Use the flat iron or curler to produce some curls and give your hair some volume. Try to be very casual when tying your ponytail, the hair doesn’t have to look too neat. The catch is to have some baby hair untied at the sides. Finish the look by curling your fringe and the hair at the sides.


3. Large, loose and voluminous curls at the ends

Put on a casual look with voluminous curls for the lazy Monday. Curl your hair with a flat iron for the best results, gives you looser and bigger curls. Curl your hair inwards, small section by section to produce volume, hold the iron perpendicular to your hair.

4. Cutesy look with outward curls

Just a little bit of volume at the ends with outward curls for a cutesy look. This hairstyle is real simple, and you could even skip the hairspray for this look. Curl your hair outwards, holding the iron perpendicular to your hair, creating a small ‘U’ at the ends.

5. Big and tight waves with bangs

Achieve a dolly look with some big and tight curls. Use a curler with a large rod for the best results, start from the bottom half section of your hair. Curl both inwards and outwards diagonally. Most importantly, don’t forget to curl the bangs a little, finishes off the cute look.

6. Sexy hairdo for the Friday night out

Add some big loose curls to the ends of the hair, start curling from the bottom half section of your hair, curl both inwards and outwards to produce a more casual look. Use a flat iron to achieve this. Add a little hairspray to finish off the sexy look.

7. Sleek silky straight bob

Use a flat iron to go through your hair for a better shine.

Recommendations for Hair Straightener:

  1. PHILIPS ProCare Keratin Straightener HP8361

Healthier styling – Keratin infused ceramic plates, ionic conditioning for smooth gliding.

  1. BRAUN Satin-Hair 7 Straightener ES2

Ionic conditioning, ceramic plates, makes hair smooth and shiny.

  1. PHILIPS Active Care Hair Straightener HP8362

 Ceramic plates, smooth gliding, fast heat up, even heat distribution, gentle sonic vibrations for better results.

Recommendations for Hair Curler:

  1. VS 32mm Tourmaline Ceramic 2-IN-1 Straightener & Curling Iron VS3270PIH 

Quick heat up, Tourmaline ceramic coating, smooth gliding, makes hair shine.

  1. BRAUN Satin-Hair 7 Curler With IONTEC EC1 

Healthy styling with ceramic coating and ionic conditioning, good for frizzy hair.

  1. VS Wet/Dry Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron VSCD120PIH 

Tourmaline ceramic coating, even heat distribution, gives you shiny curls.



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