Splurge or Save? Splurge!

Ever tried using hotel hair dryers? Your hair feels like it was getting fried and you could almost smell a charred odour? This is why you should never save when getting one.
We spent tons of money on skin care, but what about hair care? Long silky hair doesn’t come easily. Given the amount of money we spent applying things on our faces, the same amount of care should be given to our hair.
Higher end hair dryers truly produce different results, and you can see it so clearly. They are made of expensive materials, have better technology built in, and a higher wattage.


Higher wattage gives you a more powerful air and heat flow.

For optimal drying results, look for hair dryers between 1700 to 1850 watts. Get one around 2000 watts for thicker hair. This will give a more salon drying experience, as opposed to the taking-forever-hotel-hair-dryer. 


Always go for blow dryers with ionic drying. 

Not only does the ions speed up the drying process, they make your hair smoother and less fried.  The negatively charged ions help the hair cuticles to trap moisture, and eliminate frizz and static electricity. You can’t see the ions, but it makes a huge difference.


It emits negative ions and infrared heat that helps promote shine and helps dry hair quicker.

Ceramic Coating:

It helps to disperse the heat evenly, speeding the drying process, and adds shine.

Cool Shot Option:

It seals the hair cuticle, setting the final look for long-lasting hold, and adds shine too. Switch over to the cool shot when your hair is about 80% dry. Works great to lock in curls.


  1. Philips ActiveCare Hairdryer HP8270
    Relatively lightweight, high wattage (2300W), ion conditioning and ceramic coating, comes with concentrator and diffuser.

  2. Bosch ProSalon Professional Hair Dryer PHD9760
    Relatively quiet, good for styling, comes with two nozzles (an extra slim concentrator and a diffuser).

  3. Rowenta Respectissim Pro Hair Dryer CV7420
    High wattage (2400W), ionic conditioning, ceramic coating, comes with a diffuser for curly hair.

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